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He was born in Izmir, Turkey, in 1950 and graduated from the English Philology department of Istanbul University in 1981. He is the very well known playwright of twice published Theope (1993, 2007) the best play ever written in Turkish. Büktel has been celebrated in his country not only as a famous playwright, but also a highly creative theater critic who has published many theater analysis, critiques and polemics in periodicals, in internet and in two gigantic volumes of books. (“Türk Tiyatrosundan İnsan Manzaraları” —Human Landscapes From Turkish Theater— and “Yönetmen Tiyatrosuna Karşı” —Against the Theater of directors—)

Büktel also has published a drama anthology named “Eleştiren Oyunlar” (“The Criticizing Plays”) the contents of which are written and translated by him) and has also translated D.H. Lawrence’s novella The Fox into Turkish (“Tilki”, 1998). In the past several years he has written three screenplays, including Fiasco, the rights to which famous Turkish director/producer Sinan Çetin has purchased. If circumstances permit, Coşkun Büktel would like to turn his other two screenplays (“İkinci Geliş –The Second Coming-” and “Jigolo-gigolo”) into novels, as he did with Fiasco. In fact, one of the other two screenplays, “İkinci Geliş” (“The Second Coming”), has been already turned into a novel which is to be published, soon.

Büktel has been working as a script doctor for one of the most rated Turkish TV serial "Arka Sıradakiler" from the start on.


The published works of Coşkun Büktel:


“Theope” (A play, in three acts) 1993, 2007

“Shakespeare’siz Herifler” – “Guys with no Shakespeare”

(A play in two acts) 1998.

“Türk Tiyatrosundan İnsan Manzaraları” – “Human Landscapes From Turkish Theater”

(Criticism) 1998.

“Eleştiren Oyunlar” - “The Criticizing Plays”

(A Theater Anthology) 1998.

“Tilki” – "The Fox"

(A novella translated from D. H. Lawrence) 1998.

“Yönetmen Tiyatrosuna Karşı” – "Against The Theater of Directors"

(Theatrical analysis, criticisms and polemics) 2001.

“Fiyasko” – "Fiasco" (A novel) 2005.

Fiasco – "Fiyasko" (A novel translated by Feyza Howell) 2008.



Büktel’s books which are ready to be published:


“Tarih Taksiratınızı Affetsin” (May History forgive you for your sins)

(A book of theatrical criticisms and polemics)


“Bir İntihar Mektubu Teşebbüsü” (An attempt at a suicide letter)

(Poems. 1978-1985)


“Haram Lokma Sendromu” (The Syndrome of Sinful Bread)

(A comedy of theatrical sketches.)


“Sıfır Riskli Vaatler” (Promises with zero risk)

(Short stories of humor.)


“İkinci Geliş” (“The Second Coming”)

(A novel.)




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(Tiyatro Oyunu)




( 2. Baskı)



Shakespeare'siz Herifler

(Tiyatro Oyunu)



Türk Tiyatrosundan İnsan Manzaraları



Eleştiren Oyunlar




Tilki / D. H. Lawrence




"Yönetmen Tiyatrosu"na Karşı Bir Shakespeare ve Nâzım Hikmet Savunması